A year at U of R

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An average day

I thought I'd give you an update on an average day.

Classes began at 8am, with a 2 hour physical assessment lecture. We finished up assessing the cardiovascular system, and now we're learning the pulmonary system. We need to know how to percuss the chest with our hands, measure chest expansion, locate the position of the diaphragm during inspiration and expiration, and listen to a variety of chest sounds with a stethoscope. We also do a number of other tests where the client says different words, whispers, etc. Tomorrow in lab, we get to practice all of that. We're going to be drawing where the different lobes of our lungs are located right onto our partner's chests and backs.

Some people had lab after the lecture, but I had a couple of hours off. I studied for the next exam, and practice the cardiovascular assessment techniques on some classmates.

At 1pm, we took a standardized pharmacology test that we must pass in order to enter clinicals. It involved a lot of dosage calculations. Then we had a pathophysiology/pharmacology lecture until 4pm. It was fantastic. We did a case study, where the instructor reads a client's history and information to us, and we try to diagnose what is wrong using what we've learned about systems interactions.

Then, well, I went to the gym. I studied nonstop yesterday, so I needed a break. I cooked some dinner, and now it's 8pm, and I'm studying like crazy for the lab tomorrow, upcoming papers, exam on thursday, etc. It never ends.

I've got to say, the faculty are AMAZINGLY responsive. There was a huge outcry that students were feeling lost in lab. By that afternoon, the instructors sent out an email with five extra open lab sessions for us to go practice and answer questions.