A year at U of R

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Life in a 300 yard radius

I feel like my life has contracted down into a tiny little radius between the library, the nursing school and my studio. I'm not used to my life feeling so limited. I don't have much to tell my friends about except school, school and school. I think everyone feels the same way to some degree. The students with families have a tough time with multiple obligations, but they have the benefit of some forced diversion, which wouldn't be a bad thing.

That said, there has been some slacking activity going on. This weekend I went out for Tapas with some fellow students on Friday night, and on a fantastic hike for a couple of hours on Saturday. The tapas event felt a little like a sorority party - all girls! Other than that, the weekend was pretty much studying.

It's pretty incredible what the instructors do for you. They are online 24/7. I wonder if they ever sleep. At 6pm on Saturday night, I was taking an online quiz in genetics, when I got an email from the instructor about our written assignment. I emailed her back with some questions, and we ended up having an email conversation over the next half hour. This at 6pm on SATURDAY. The classes never end, but the instructors are right there with you.