A year at U of R

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Saturday, June 17, 2006


It has been a busy, stressful week because of that monster we all hate, GRADES.

The first day, they told us not to expect A's, that it is just the nature of an accelerated program. I started the program determined to keep things in perspective, and not worry about a bad grade here or there. In fact, I don't want to worry about them at all. My resolve was tested this week.

They meant what they said the first day about not getting all A's. The tough part wasn't getting a "C" on my paper, it was dealing with the reactions of the class as a whole. When papers were handed back in my lab section, it was like vesuvius erupting; spectacular from a distance, but no fun if you're in the middle of it. There was cursing, tears, explosions and fireworks! Oh, the drama would have made some excellent reality T.V. (late-night only, due to language). The stress was palpable. I heard that one lab section had to have a counseling session.

It got to be a little too much. It was impossible to escape the stress. "Really, this is ridiculous," I told myself. But it was almost impossible to go home an not wonder if anyone, myself included, was going to make it past the first semester.

My advice to the instructors ... get these students on some sedatives, give them chocolate, try hypnosis, anything alter the senses before handing out grades!