A year at U of R

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The lab experience

I really didn't know what labs were in nursing school before I came here. The labs aren't the typical science or bio labs with tables. Instead, the skills lab is a mock-up hospital ward. This semester, we are learning to do health assessments. Each lab we go through tests to assess a different body system. Then we practice the assessments on ... EACHOTHER!

First, we have to mark up all of the anatomical points of interest on eachother with magic markers. You see people all the time walking down the corridor with weird X's and arrows on their faces. "Ah, you just came from lab!"

Next, we practice assessments. I've had my blood pressure taken about 50 times in the past 2 weeks, and everyone gets very excited when a classmate has something abnormal. Thankfully, we haven't done any systems yet that you have to get naked to assess, but I'm told those will come. I'll be sure to post photos!

Here's a photo of the lab, and me with some interesting marks on my face, trying to assess if my brain is still there after 2 weeks of school.