A year at U of R

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The First Exam

Yesterday was the first exam of the year. The build-up was incredible. Everyone was endlessly reviewing what was really pretty straight-forward material. As usual, the anticipation was worse than the event itself.

All of the exams are given in the same format as the NCLEX (national nurse licensure exam). This means that for each question, you have to circle any of the answers which apply. There could be one answer or four answers to a question.

I felt like I knew the material, and studying any more wouldn't have helped. However, the format of the test was what we should have been studying! Each question had one clear answer, and several that could be valid .... but then again. We'll see what the results are.

This has been another frantic week so far. Because of Memorial Day, it is a short week. The lab yesterday was on how to do a complete neurological exam, and was quite detailed. It involved about thirty or more tests of every cranial nerve and muscle function. We then have to write up and turn in our results. I'm feeling a little brain damaged right now!