A year at U of R

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

What do nursing students eat?

Here's some food for thought. What do nursing students eat? The frightening truth is right here for public viewing. This is a photo of my freezer, with my dinners for the next 5 nights.

I can't believe how un-green I've become, buying over-packaged salt-packed frozen dinners. But when you spend 10 hours or more a day in class or studying, something's got to give. I was a naive optimist when I packed those cookbooks to bring with me.

The nursing school does have a great coffee cart with chocolate pastries, and they also have a lounge with a refrigerator & microwave. Right across the street, the Med Center has multiple cafeterias, some of which serve just employees and med students. I highly recommend their veggie burgers.

I have gone out with classmates several nights, and Rochester's got some surprisingly good restaurants. We tried a Mediterranean place last night, which was fantastic. There is also a good Thai place nearby, and excellent dim sum downtown. Now if only I had a salary...