A year at U of R

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Day 3

Did you know that nurses do testicular, gynecological and breast exams? Lucky us, it’s all covered live our Assessment laboratory!

This evening, after two lectures in Pharmacology/Pathophysiology and in Health Assesment, I went to watch the preparatory video in the lab. Some classmates were there, so we gathered around a station to watch.

The subjects were fairly basic ... how to take temperature, measure height & weight, and take blood pressure. However, they also gave a graphic film narrative on taking temperatures rectally. Hmmm... Hollywood doesn’t usually show anuses on the silver screen. Heated debate ensued on whether we had to practice this skill on eachother in lab. Rumors were rife, but word leaked out that although it is in our lab manual, we don’t have to do it on eachother.

Ahhhh...those quaint little delicacies they don’t mention in the glossy recruitment materials!

At least my background as an artist will come in handy. How many naked bodies have I spent hours observing in drawing classes?
Pharmacology/Pathophysiology lecture was fantastic. It is a fascinating class, with real-life histories of patients, and lots of discussion. I’m relieved that we don’t need to memorize individual drug doses, half lifes, etc. We need to learn to use a manual to look these up.

The Assesment lecture brought a lot of ethical issues to light... When doing a health history, when is information not confidential? What about elder abuse? How do you ask a client if they’re suicidal, or if they are being abused?

The week is almost over. Just one lab tomorrow, and then WEEKEND! I’ve got plenty to work on then....