A year at U of R

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Day One

Another first in life... the first day of nursing school and the University of Rochester.

I'm pretty exhausted. This morning was mainly basic orientation material, covering the curriculum, introductions, etc. However the newness makes even the most ordinary information exhausting. Does everyone feel this way after only one day? I had to come home and play flute to decompress. One microwaved English Muffin pizza later, I'm somewhat recovered.

What were my impressions?

First, there are my classmates. I was relieved to see a huge range of ages and a diversity of talents. I'm definitely not alone in going back to school at 35 to make a career change. Many students were biology or psych majors, but there were two divinity students, a vocal performance graduate, and another foreign language major.

I was impressed by all the the faculty we met. They are a group of extremely intelligent, professional, and accomplished women (and one man). Their research is first-rate, and they seem supportive in every way. I'm confident that the dean meant it when she said to drop by her office, and made sure we knew her email address. All of the faculty made a point to say that they expected us to drop by and call on them for anything. Accessibility plus some!

It was exciting to see a line-up of primarily women who are so accomplished. They are all first-rate scientists, and there are none of the touchy-feely nurturing-nurse clichées to be found here. Yet at the same time, they manage to combine science with an understanding of interactions. They are teachers as much as scientists. What a fantastic combo.

The new building (which I didn't even know was being built) is fantastic. We are the first class to use the auditorium.

I could go on for pages, but first impressions change, and I've got another English muffin pizza getting cold.