A year at U of R

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day 2

OK, no kidding this program is accelerated. Today we had 4 classes, from 8am until 6:45pm, with a break to go to the bookstore and get photos taken. Everyone was pretty beat by the end. It was tough just to sit for that long, and it was dizzying trying to keep track of which class has what assignments.

Let me give you the low-down on the classes. For the first half of the summer I have four classes:

1. Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
2. Nursing Assessment (covers how to conduct a comprehensive physical exam)
3. Genetics
4. Nursing science (topics like the history of nursing, the nurse as an educator, nursing process)

For the second half of the summer, some of these classes will end, but will be replaced by our first clinical experience.

What really had everyone gasping was when we found out that in Nursing Assessment, we won't be working on dummies for learning the physical exam ... we'll be using eachother. That means dressed down and gowned up. I hear that we also get to practice giving injections on eachother. Oh joy!

The Pathophysiology/Pharmacology and Assessment classes will be the main ones. The other two seem easier, with short written assignments of a few paragraphs, or keeping a journal. Genetics and Nursing Science are primarily online.

Even though the day felt like a long international airplane flight ending with jet lag, the instructors were great. Amy Karch kept us all going in Pathophys by spending an hour presenting a fascinating case study, and keeping us guessing what the diagnosis was. It made us feel very medical!

I will say that I feel like I'm already behind in the reading! Things really start with a bang. I plan to spend the Memorial Day holiday catching up. This will be a very challenging, stimulating year.