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Friday, August 04, 2006

A second shave

I did my second shave of a client's beard today, and happily it went far better than the first (see my entry from last week). I spent the past week grilling every guy I know about the male shaving experience. If you are a guy, and have anything to add on the subject, please feel free to post!

This time, I looked at it as a spa treatment rather than a medical procedure. I remembered about the hot, damp towel to soften the stubble. I was careful to note the direction of the hair BEFORE applying the shaving cream, and I applied the cream lightly with artistic finesse. It was an improvement over the first shave which was more like slapping huge gobs of mortar on a brick. I had about 10 disposable razors on hand, so that I could dump one as soon as it became dull. I wasn't taking chances this time.

The shaving was great ... nice long strokes with no repeats. Some areas were a little patchy, but I was working with about 4 days worth of stubble. I even got the upper lip. That was no small feat. And I did this all without clogging his nostrils with shaving cream.

Who needs to be a nurse? I'm opening a male spa!

Thanks to all of the men who offered advice and contributed to my success!