A year at U of R

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend activities in Rochester

This past weekend was all about recovering from the first week of clinicals. Rochester has a surprising amount to offer for a tired nursing student.

On Friday night, I went with my neighbors to a bar called Lux. They have a huge outdoor beer garden with picnic tables. I hear that they show movies some nights projected on the outside wall of the building. There was a tarot card reading in the courtyard, and free pizza. On Monday nights, they have arts and crafts supplies set up. I imagine that the art gets better and better the more you consume.

Saturday, the Empire State games were going on. They are New York's own mini version of the Olympics, with all of the different events. Most of the athletes are the best high-school students from around the state, and there were master's categories as well. I watched some of the track and field and saw some judo and canoeing events.

Then it was dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant called "Abyssinia." I was surprised that Rochester has an inexpensive Ethiopian place. It was great ... lentil dishes and vegetable curries that you scoop up onto pancakes of Ethiopian bread to eat.

Finally, I went for a long bike ride Sunday morning through corn fields, past pastures with horses and dairy cows. Then, it was back to writing care plans for clients and doing reading.