A year at U of R

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

End of a quarter!

I've ignored my blog for the past two weeks or more, but for good reason. We had final exams, and all of the four classes from the first half of the summer are over. I've passed, and I'm certified, tested, and (according to them anyways), ready to start my clinical experience.

Next week is a full week of labs to prepare for it, and then we start our first clinical rotation. The clinical rotation is more than just being in the hospital from 7am to 4pm. We are each assigned a client and we have to pull their charts, review their records, prepare written nursing care plans and write papers on them. The didactic labs and lectures will also continue.

Am I nervous? You bet! I'm afraid I'll do something wrong, hurt the patient or let them fall. I secretly hope my patient will be in a coma so they won't be able to see me messing up. Stay tuned for more on the clinical experience...