A year at U of R

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

A 28 hour daily schedule

Here's a little taste of what last Monday, July 10 was all about.

The day started with a bang at 9am, with a two hour review session for the upcoming pathophysiology class. Thank our lucky stars for the amazing assistants who run the sessions, or I think we'd all be sunk in pathophys.

Then from 11am-noon, there is a session on career advancement and electing class representatives to the student council. Many people skip out on this, and spend the time in the computer lab studying.

At noon, we go to our last genetics class. Actually, we don't really go anywhere, since all of our classes are held in the same dark, windowless auditorium. The teachers all come to us. Today, the genetics class is two lectures by guest speakers, one on genetics and psychiatric illness, and one on prenatal genetic testing.Very interesting, with lots of graphic pictures of neural tube defects... little babies with huge masses of tissue protruding from their backs.

Nursing science is next. We have a panel of guest speakers at the front of the auditorium, who represent all of the members who might be on a health care team. There is a nutritionist, a social worker, a physical therapist, etc. Two students go up and act out a family medical crisis, and the team of experts demonstrates how they would approach the problem.

3:30-6:45 (but we get out early, YES!)
We end with pathophysiology. We go through two case studies that the instructor puts on the overhead projector, and we raise our hands, and try to diagnose and treat the patients. One is a 42 year old man who is pretty clearly suffering from a heart attack. After 12 hours, we are still trying to treat him, but nothing is working. We won't give up. But alas, our patient dies. It's very frustrating. With a problem that the instructor puts on the board, you want an answer. It's hard to accept that there isn't an answer.

What next? A little fun? "Pirate of the Carribean" part II? Nope, it's back home to study for as many hours as I can for the test tomorrow!