A year at U of R

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Movie therapy

I wrote before about the movies that the teens like to watch when they have free lounge time in the psych unit. It is a pretty sweet clinical rotation when you can eat popcorn, watch a film, and get academic credit for it. The only complaint I've got is about the teens' taste in movies.

I've watched parts of "Independence Day" three times with them. We've also watched "The Truman Show." It was a little surreal to be locked in a psych unit, watching a film about a guy locked in a fake world.

Today there was talk of watching "Titanic." Thankfully they decided against it. I might have had to put myself in the seclusion room to prevent self-harm if I had to watch Leonardo Dicaprio drowning one more time.

Instead, they put in a movie called "Like Mike." I only made it through a few minutes of that one. I've been thinking that instead of bringing my drug guide to clinicals, maybe I should just bring some worthwhile DVD's.