A year at U of R

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Pop quiz

In class today, the instructor threw a pop-quiz at us. She put up some questions on the overhead, and told everyone, "Take out a blank sheet of paper." That's a sure sign of a pop quiz. But half the class froze, and looked at her in panic. "We can't!" someone told her bravely. "We don't have any paper. We have laptops!"

Things have gotten a little crazy here. This semester is definitely a challenge of cramming way too much work into way too little time. If my entries are brief, there's a reason. I'm passed out unconscious on my desk from mental overload.

A note on the digital age in nursing school...

Last weekend, I submitted a paper at 11am on Saturday. By noon, my instructor had emailed me back that I needed to re-write the paper. I sent him an email to clarify, and by 2pm, he said he had read my paper, and it was great. This is on a Saturday. On Sunday I took an exam for my Adult Health class. The 1-hour timed exam opened on Friday afternoon, and had to be complete before Sunday night. Someone should write some legislation to shut down the internet on Sundays, so we can at least have one day off.