A year at U of R

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


It snowed! For about 10 minutes last week, there was real white stuff coming down from the sky in big, lucious flakes that stuck to my shirt. Of course, the minute I saw it, I ran out into the night and danced around in it. It was beautiful.

Then I realized that the snow was also cold, and the shirt I had on was the warmest garment that I'd brought with me from California. Clearly, I was in trouble.

Thankfully, the weather in Rochester is changeable if nothing else, so if you don't like the weather now, you can be assured that it will either get better or get worse before long. The one thing it won't do is stay the same.

Two days after the snow, it was a clear, sunny 72 degrees, and I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt as I went out to buy myself the warmest down coat I could find.

I went to the GAP, which had several down jackets on sale. I debated for a while between a short jacket and a slightly longer style. Finally, I asked one of the sales people which one would be better to get me through winter in Rochester. Would they be warm enough?

"Yes, they should be fine," she assured me. "After all, you're not going to be going outside, are you?"